5.3.15 Expanded Shift Date Change

March 12, 2020
  • Shift Information now, like Web Update, supports changing the date of a shift (or working shift plus its service points) within the year. Previously this could only be done by drag/drop within the viewed 7 days.
  • History now allows DB Admins to display change history for any scheduler. Schedulers still see by me.
  • Tools>Shifts>Empty now immediately displays a table of empty shifts (i.e. periods not meeting specified Staffing Levels). A CSV may still be saved/opened.
  • The right-click Assign Location menu option has been removed because its functionality is provided by [] Then clone for an SP shift when adding working shifts or by right-click Clone for existing working shifts.
  • New Retry option when saving a CSV from Tools>Reports Format Tab>[Advanced]>”Just CSV” option and from the [Save]option of any Database View report. This handles leaving the prior copy open in a spreadsheet.
  • Edit>Location now allows Locations to be marked as Historic so past shifts are retained but new shifts can’t be scheduled.
  • New Include Historical Staff option in Tools>Reports>select [Multiple Employees]>[Options] so that shift reports of just specific Historical Status employees may be generated without changing the employee back to Active.
  • Web View 4.3.05 improvements:
    • Shift Information now shows for schedulers the shift creation date and by whom plus, if a change has been made, its when, by whom and prior employee/location.
    • Forgot your password screen’s text has been improved.
    • New control in Options to flag shifts that have been changed Today or since Yesterday with a ^. Please email any other duration that would be useful.