5.1.18 Separate Location x Week Location Select

December 7, 2017
  • The Location Select for Location by Week is now independent of the Location Select for Location by Day and Employee/Location Scheduling Grids. That simplifies switching between viewing one location for a week and all your locations in Location by Day, ESG or LSG.
  • The [Info] button, when a Location Group is selected, now also shows for each member location: abbreviation and SubType plus, if AutoSched active, Scheduling Priority. The Edit Location Group screen now includes an [Info] button.
  • The [Group] button on the Select Multiple Locations and Employees screens now allows multiple groups to be picked at one time.
  • New Database View Hours worked: time by location report shows summary of time worked by hour of day in selected locations by selected people.
  • Web 4.0.22 simplifies entering Away requests using the menu (added in 5.1.06).