5.2.17 Web Update [+] automatically shows

April 4th, 2019 • By: Schedule3W
  • Web Update for Schedulers 4.2.14 improvements:
    • The Employee x Time and Days x Time for an Employee displays now automatically include a [+] after the Employee name. This allowed the Show [+] option to be removed. The [+] opens the Add shift screen for that employee and date.
    • The Location x Time and Days x Time for a Location displays now also show schedulers this [+] button.
    • Shift notes may now be updated.
  • Web View 4.2.14 improvements:
    • The Shift Display screen now includes calendar buttons beside the employee and location names. Clicking displays that work week for the employee or location.
    • Printed displays now automatically suppress menus and buttons.
  • 5.2.15 Web Help Quick Links

    March 17th, 2019 • By: Schedule3W
    • Web 4.2.13 improvements:
      • [Help] now starts with Quick Links to each section.
      • [+Shift] now defaults to the date of any single date display being viewed.
      • The confirmation screen of more update modes now supports invoking additional updates to that shift.
      • Support for Remember my name, when username or abbreviation format is used, has been restored.
    • Saving or invoking a favorite report with hardwired custom dates now shows a hint to use a concept date (e.g. This week).

    5.2.14 Web View of Working Hours for Schedulers

    February 28th, 2019 • By: Schedule3W
    • Web 4.2.12 improvements:
      • Displays of the schedule for one employee, done by schedulers, now automatically show total working hours over that period.
      • Changes made to ongoing shifts no longer default to This Day Only to ensure user makes an explicit choice.
      • New images are provided for saving predefined displays on your mobile device home screen.
      • [Help] now documents that urls can be saved with a specific end date (e.g. len=30-Apr) in addition to # of days. Great for predefined rest of term displays.
      • The [Tools]>Location Information now places min and max dates in separate columns.

    5.2.13 Web Choose Screen Improved for Cell Phones

    January 31st, 2019 • By: Schedule3W
    • Web 4.2.11 improvements:
      • The Choose screen buttons and menus have been tweaked to improve the layout on smart phones and tablets.
      • The [Set Defaults] button has been moved into the Options area beside the [Show Defaults] button.
    • Switching to a Test/Train database via Tools>Options no longer needs to update the user’s registry.

    5.2.12 Web View Emp/Loc row labels are live links

    January 27th, 2019 • By: Schedule3W
    • Web 4.2.10 improvements:
      • New shortcut to display the Workweek for an employee or a location: simply click the employee name (i.e. row label) in Employees by Time or location name in Location by Time bar graph display.
      • The confirmation screen for adds and updates now has a [Close&Refresh] button to cause the below display to be immediately refreshed to reflect the change(s).
    • Location x Day screen’s area below the last employee is now labelled as Pick Employees as a reminder of its use for scheduling meetings, entering public holiday time, etc.
    • Who’s working by time period reports now sub-sort employees in a time period (i.e. cell) by their name within the existing shift start-time sort.
    • Employee x Week report no longer occasionally shows one employee out of sequence when name format isn’t Last, First.