5.1.21 More Control on DB Admin Rights

January 16th, 2018 • By: Schedule3W
  • Database Administer Rights have been improved:
    • Only employees with Schedule3W Rights set to DB Admin may add or delete a DB Admin.
    • Specific Schedulers can be given the ability to activate DB Admin rights for the rest of their session.
    • Clicking [Delete] for a DB Admin shows a confirmation screen with the first line of employee notes.
  • Tools>Maintenance>Show>[Logged IN] has a cleaner display of logged in users for sites with a Citrix/RDS server and other systems.

5.1.19 Shift Notes Select option

January 2nd, 2018 • By: Schedule3W
  • Switching from Location by Day, while displaying a day in the current work week, to a by Week or Grid display now opens starting at the beginning of your work week (as always done for future dates).
  • Tools>Reports>[AdvSelect] now allows reports to be generated containing only shifts containing specified text in their external notes field.
  • Log files are now generated to your Schedule3W\Logs folder in your Documents folder (rather than to %temp%). Likewise .CSV files and [PDF] button files are now generated to your Schedule3W\Reports folder.
  • The Edit>Staff right-click menu is now available regardless of how Edit>Staff was invoked.
  • Web 4.0.23 new features:
    • Schedulers are always allowed to view up to two years in the past through the maximum open date.
    • Restored support for two Ciphers: DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA and DHE-RSA-AES128-SHA, to maintain compatibility with Firefox (tested with 52.5.2 ESR and 57.0.2).
  • AutoSched 2.1.15 now supports employees being set to try to keep on-desk shifts separate in the Edit>Staff>AutoSched Tab.

5.1.18 Separate Location x Week Location Select

December 7th, 2017 • By: Schedule3W
  • The Location Select for Location by Week is now independent of the Location Select for Location by Day and Employee/Location Scheduling Grids. That simplifies switching between viewing one location for a week and all your locations in Location by Day, ESG or LSG.
  • The [Info] button, when a Location Group is selected, now also shows for each member location: abbreviation and SubType plus, if AutoSched active, Scheduling Priority. The Edit Location Group screen now includes an [Info] button.
  • The [Group] button on the Select Multiple Locations and Employees screens now allows multiple groups to be picked at one time.
  • New Database View Hours worked: time by location report shows summary of time worked by hour of day in selected locations by selected people.
  • Web 4.0.22 simplifies entering Away requests using the menu (added in 5.1.06).

5.1.17 Partial Holiday now Short Workday

November 6th, 2017 • By: Schedule3W
  • New Tools>Shifts>Shorten Day to delete the portion of shifts after a specified time on a specific day (e.g. New Year’s Eve) to reflect that close early days are now kept as workdays rather than holidays. We recommend that any existing part holidays be changed back to a working day.
  • Staffing Levels may now be invoked directly from Edit>Location.
  • Web 4.0.20 new features:
    • Advanced mode is now automatically forced if needed by already saved URLs or by a user’s default display.
    • Location names containing apostrophes (aka single quotes) are now supported.
    • Support for picking a date on a cell phone held vertically has been restored.
    • Shifts in sick/vacation locations now show separately for schedulers even when sick/vacation are normally grouped under a common label in Web View.
  • AutoSched 2.1.13 new features:
    • Edit>Staff now supports new controls per employee for:
      • Minimum time/day to keep open so you can designate that ideally specific people should have blocks of time not auto scheduled.
      • Prefer on-desk hours/day max to spread total on-desk hours around.
    • New [Status] button that displays stats on the run in progress. Suggestion: request a large number of iterations, periodically press [Status] and, when the results stop improving, press [Stop].

5.1.16 AutoSched Splitable Shifts

October 5th, 2017 • By: Schedule3W
  • AutoSched now supports locations being set as Splitable in Edit>Location>AutoSched Tab (i.e. if no one is available for a standard 2 hour shift, it automatically tries to fill two 1 hour shifts).
  • Schedule3W desktop now opens about 20% faster.
  • Expanded considerations reminder now shows for Partially Closed Holidays.