5.4.12 New Employee Graph Collapsed Option

June 1, 2023
  • Web View 4.9.0 improvements:
    • Employee Graph Layer type of Collapsed has been added. It collapses the Service Points shifts into an employee’s Working shifts to significantly increase the number of people that fit on a screen or page.
    • The Vertical scrollbar option may now be saved as a default.
    • The Employee bar Format of Recommended now designates format New, rather than format Classic. If you’d prefer Classic, please tell us why and switch back using Options > Employee bar Format > Classic.
    • Web Forgot my Password reset page now includes a show/hide “eye” icon button to toggle visibility of the password being entered.
  • Web Update 4.9.0 improvements:
    • Wrapping of text and components on Split Shift form has been improved.
    • The Show/New/Edit staff process has been made more self-explanatory by including tips in the Staff table and the Employee detail screens.