5.0.05 Web Update [+Shift] Available Button

April 7th, 2017 • By: Schedule3W
  • Database View: Shifts now supports generating Primepoint Payroll import format.
  • Web Update [+Shift] screen now includes an [Available] button in Location First mode and changing screen’s start time now automatically changes end time to maintain the duration.
  • Edit>Staff>[New] now offers to clone the existing employee’s [Emp/Loc] Assignment Groups in addition to Ratings.

5.0.04 Web Update Demo Group Members

March 27th, 2017 • By: Schedule3W
  • Web Update demo mode now flags the names of demo group members in Employee by displays to simplify access.

5.0.03 Improved Visual Cues

March 23rd, 2017 • By: Schedule3W
  • Improved Visual cues make it clearer that one is working in the current week or in the future (e.g. Location by Day screen is now light green for today, bolder week#, etc.).
  • The [+Shift] screen in Web Update for Schedulers now offers a choice between an Employee or a Location focus.

5.0.02 Away Request and In/Out modules Improvements

March 15th, 2017 • By: Schedule3W
  • Improvements made to Sign In/Out module:
    • The In/Out menu, when viewing the Approve screen, now has an Exit Approve Screen choice which switches to Location x Day for today.
    • Missed sign outs are automatically recorded for the end of that day.
    • The Approve screen has improved support for Selected>Locations.
    • The Approve screen is faster and uses a fixed row height regardless of whether one location is selected or duties were shown.
  • Edit>Away Requests>[Process] button now better supports away requests for Service Point locations and for single level databases. An occasional issue with part day vacations shortening any duty location shift has been corrected.
  • Web Update for Schedulers module now includes:
    • Tick option to have a change notice email automatically open (just like the desktop client does).
    • An Available Employee button in the Change Employee screen.
    • Some small look/feel changes.

5.0.01Web Update: Change Start/End Times

January 30th, 2017 • By: Schedule3W
  • Web Update now supports changing shift Start/End Times.