5.3.28 New Clone Shifts for a day

August 1st, 2020 • By: Schedule3W
  • New CloneDay tab in Tools>Maintenance supports replacing all the shifts on one day with those of another.
  • Edit>Location now includes the “Only if working in” attribute in the Location Table and in Location Export.
  • The current Location and Employee filter values now display in the bottom margin of Location by Day/Week screens when more than one location is being viewed.
  • Web Update for Schedulers 4.4.04 improvement: [+Shift] on the Add confirmation screen has been replaced with [Clone]. [Clone] opens a populated Add screen allowing easy revision of one or more components for a similar shift.

5.3.26 Web Employee List Filter

July 8th, 2020 • By: Schedule3W
  • Web Update for Schedulers 4.4.03 improvements:
    • If set to other than All, “My Employees” and “My Locations” values are now choices in the Tools accordion for viewing/editing Employees & Locations.
    • On shift displays, the [Update] button has been renamed to [Edit] for consistency with the desktop module.

5.3.25 Location Groups can contain Groups

July 3rd, 2020 • By: Schedule3W
  • A Location Group may now be defined as including other Location Groups.
  • A Location’s Default Duration may now be set to 8:15hr (once 5.3.24, or above, has been activated as the minimum version).
  • Web Update for Schedulers 4.4.02 improvements:
    • New Scheduler Options accordion on the main page. Its “My Employees” and “My Locations” menus allow a scheduler to specify their default employee group and/or location group filters for Web Update.
    • New menu beside the [Available] Employee button now allows you to limit employees checked to those in a specific Employee Group.

5.3.22 Edit Staff Webified

June 15th, 2020 • By: Schedule3W
  • Web 4.4.01 improvements:
    • A webified Edit>Staff is now in the Tools menu of Web Update for Schedulers. Reminder: Set a Scheduler’s Rights to “Scheduler (no Edit>Staff)” to block access to Edit>Staff.
    • The Choose screen is more readable and consistent due to tweaks to its CSS styling.

5.3.21 Schedulers using Edit>Employee Group

June 5th, 2020 • By: Schedule3W
  • Edit>Employee Group now supports designating a Scheduler (with or without Edit>Staff rights) as being the maintainer of an Employee Group (in addition to the DB Admins). The who and when of the last change to each Employee Group record is now tracked. These fields display in the rightmost columns of the table.
  • The various Select Multiple Employee screens and the [Emp/Loc] screen now display noticeably faster for databases with 100+ employees.
  • Location Abbreviations may now be 8 characters (once 5.3.21 has been activated as the minimum version).
  • Tools>Shifts>Show Empty now allows user to designate that the empty periods should be reported split into empty shifts.