5.2.06 Schedule Solo Database Access

October 14, 2018
  • New Tools>Maintenance>Solo option to schedule solo access to the database to perform maintenance tasks and automatically remind/logout other users. Available once 5.2.06+ is activated as the “Minimum Schedule3W version for your database“.
  • New [Copy for GPO] button in Tools>Maintenance>Show>[Installs] provides the list of system names for setting up a Group Policy to automatically upgrade those PCs to a new Schedule3W version. See download page for details.
  • Web 4.2.5 improvements:
    • [Who's away] and any subsequent [Request away] are once again buttons rather than Display menu entries.
    • The Employee x Time bar graph display now supports sorting Employees by their Working Location sub sorted by PIC rank.
    • To allow date range to be entered first, the end date menu always shows. It has a grey background if the currently selected display is for only one day.
    • Clicking My away requests in the display menu now immediately displays the user’s away requests ending today or later with a [Show all] button to include past ones.