5.2.12 Web View Emp/Loc row labels are live links

January 27, 2019
  • Web 4.2.10 improvements:
    • New shortcut to display the Workweek for an employee or a location: simply click the employee name (i.e. row label) in Employees by Time or location name in Location by Time bar graph display.
    • The confirmation screen for adds and updates now has a [Close&Refresh] button to cause the below display to be immediately refreshed to reflect the change(s).
  • Location x Day screen’s area below the last employee is now labelled as Pick Employees as a reminder of its use for scheduling meetings, entering public holiday time, etc.
  • Who’s working by time period reports now sub-sort employees in a time period (i.e. cell) by their name within the existing shift start-time sort.
  • Employee x Week report no longer occasionally shows one employee out of sequence when name format isn’t Last, First.