5.3.12 Expanded access to max Location Web View date

December 19, 2019
  • Making a location’s shifts viewable for a new period is now even easier because updating the maximum view date for a location’s shifts is now more accessible:
    • Users with Scheduler (No Edit>Staff) rights may now use Edit>Date Ranges.
    • Web Update now supports Schedulers revising the maximum date via a new [Update] button in the Tools>Locations display.
  • Tools>Web Services>[Options] now has a tick option for suppressing Guest Access (i.e. to force use of personal passwords).
  • Web View: Forgot your Password changes:
    • Its instructions and button label have been clarified.
    • The email with the change password link may now be configured to use your O365/Exchange server (rather than the
      default SendGrid service).
  • Tools>Reports now supports concept date periods of a day 3 days through 6 days hence plus 2 months and
    3 months hence. These reduce the need for entering Custom Date Ranges.
  • Web View’s [Help] now includes a tips section on using mobile devices including how to setup one click access to Schedule3W.