5.3.43 Employee Graph displays support new bar format

September 2, 2021
  • Foundation work for an upcoming new scheduling screen, Locations x Time, has been installed.
  • Web View 4.5.0 improvement:
    • The Employee Graph displays now support the bar style used by the Location Graph displays (e.g. rounded ends for ongoing shifts and Duty shifts are in the display rather than as a footnote). This format generates better displays for Duty type locations (e.g. Manager on Duty, Notary, etc.). Activate by setting Employee bar format: in the Web’s Options menu.
  • “Shift Delete, all from” for an employee is now much faster on large databases.
  • Web View 4.4.13 improvement:
    • Dates of the previous and next month, that fall in the first/last week of the pick date calendar, now show in medium grey and may be picked.